Ernest P Dove Jr was born in Staten Island, New York, and later moved with his family to the state of Florida. After graduating from college with a degree in criminal justice, he pursued a career in law enforcement, and spent 3 years working in a county jail as a correctional officer. He later moved on to working in the field of social services, mostly working with severely emotionally disturbed children. After seeking a change in his life for some time, he eventually packed his bags, and booked a one-way flight out west to Los Angeles, California, carrying only 3 pieces of luggage as his total belongings. Is was during this time that Ernest started his own website, began blogging, and pursued a career in stand up comedy. All the while, he continued to work with children and families and has since used his decade of experience in the field of social services to publish his first book, "From Correctional Officer To Youth Counselor. My struggle to help others, and myself".